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Candace Cameron Bure - Love Over All - Ceramic Mug

Candace Cameron Bure - Love Over All - Ceramic Mug

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Featured in Candace Cameron Bure's gift collection, this 'Love Over All' mug is an encouraging on-the-go reminder to always choose love! Holds 14 oz of your favorite beverage - perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or tea. Also dishwasher and microwave safe for easy cleaning and reheating. A meaningful gift for any occasion.

Message on Both Sides:
Colossians 3:14

About Love Over All:
Love is more than a feeling.
Love is an attitude. It chooses to be patient when patience is hard. It celebrates what is good, and cheers it on. Love never fights back. It never takes advantage—it reaches out to help, because love is kind. Love is never rude or selfish or angry. It doesn't insist on being right, and it never keeps score.
Love speaks the truth and calls attention to the good. Love is generous. It shows up. It believes the best and always gives hope. Love never, ever fails. Love is the standard. Love is the point.
Love is always the choice worth making.
Based on 1 Corinthians 13

Product Specifications:

  • Inspirational mug
  • Holds 14 oz.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Product by DaySping

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