For every jar candle, Sweet Grace Collection candle, or holiday jar you purchase we donate money to Rice Bowls™. This money is then used to feed orphaned children in eight different countries all over the world. Each purchase feeds a child for a day. By helping to provide food to these children you are not only making sure that their bellies are full, you are also letting them feel love and security.
Ten years ago Bridgewater Candle Company felt the need to make a difference in our world. An issue close to our hearts was the worldwide hunger crisis, and specifically how it impacted children across the globe. With over three million children dying each year from hunger the need for change was, and still is, huge. By partnering with Rice Bowls Organization, we have been given the chance to be a small part of something big. Since our partnership in 2010 we as a company and you have been able to provide seven million meals to children in need! We thank you for your generosity and for choosing to help us in our mission to give back.

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